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great to see you posting! what adventures you've had!!


My, my, that was quite a posting! I love the pictures, especially the hiking and waterfalls, and all your stories. I don't know where I found your blog now, but I have reading it on and off. I'm from your neck of the woods (Boston), and love traveling, mostly in U.S. I've just gotten into teaching ESL and someday would like to teach in Japan or Korea. In fact, I just met a student from Osaka last week. Your blog is an intro to Japan for me. Thanks!


Any chance that one of these days you'd lead an English speaking tour???
Sign me up!


Such beautiful photos! It's great to see what you've been up to. Although your posts always make me miss Japan (and especially Japanese food).
You've inspired me to visit Mikurajima one day.


Wow! Photos are gorgeous (as usual) but I really just want to say belated happy birthday to Hideaki and happy 10th anniversary to you both!


Wow, there you go again with a super long post making everything look so nice - (thanks)

Mari L'Esperance

The COLORS of the greenery, flowers, the sea are incredible! Thank you, as always, for your gorgeous and nourishing posts. They help me to feel closer to Japan, a place that I always miss.

Joshua Zimmerman

Oh wow! You got to swim with dolphins! You lucky duck you! I'm so very very jealous.


Thanks for all the comments!

Martin F

Wow, you visited Hanno!? I live just minutes from Noninji and celebrated the New Year ringing the bell there at midnight last year. Let me know next time - beautiful photos BTW.


WOW! Your photos and stories made me all the way more excited to visit Japan any time soon!

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